Here are some common questions and answers about Long Island Elite Football.

The Long Island Elite Program

What is the point of the Elite program?

Name another sport, and you will find that there are countless opportunities on Long Island for those athletes to improve, gain exposure, and travel to play in national scale events with the best and against the best. This Long Island Elite program is that for FOOTBALL. The volunteers of this non-profit organization work tirelessly to feed the ambitions of children who live, eat, and breathe football. We encourage mult-sport participation. We are against kids banging helmets year-round. That’s not what this is about. This is about developing young football players and giving them the same opportunities in football as they might have in Lacrosse, Soccer, or another sport. This type of football program is not a new concept, it’s only new to Long Island. There are countless success models in the powerhouse football states. Two great examples are Connecticut 5 Star Elite and Massachusetts Elite. Mass Elite has won numerous National Championships.

You said this is a year-round program, what is that about?

Name another sport, and you will find that there are countless opportunities on Long Island for those athletes to attend year-round camps, clinics, and gain training. You have programs like SUSA and Red Bulls in Soccer, Team 91 and Express in Lacrosse…… THIS program is that for FOOTBALL. Besides forming all-star teams for pre-season and post-season play and representing Long Island in National events; the LIE program also offers clinics, camps, and training year round to cultivate players and help them achieve excellence. Some of our teams also play spring football. Long Island Elite Football is your one stop program for becoming the best football player you can be. It is the home of EXCELLENCE! There are numerous year-round training opportunites for players through our LIE coaches with Revolution Athletics, Athletic Movement Protocol (AMP), Superior Athletics, Pioneeer Fit Athletica, and Professional Training. There are all sorts of player development opportunities in our program, and most of them are also open to the public.

Can anyone participate? Are there tryouts?

There are no tryouts for most of our clinics, training camps, combines, and other developmental programs, they are open to the public. The Long Island Elite National Teams, do require tryouts. Events that require tryouts are noted specifically.

Are the camps, clinics, etc., mandatory for National Team players?
Most camps and clinics are open to the public. They are not mandatory for current National Team players however they are strongly encouraged. The year-round LIE program offers players who are serious about football additional opportunities to hone their craft, gain exposure, and compete at a higher level throughout the year. Players can choose which opportunities they want to take advantage of. Some of the camps and clinics have a fee attached, and some are free for National Team players. Most National Team players participate in all of the events.
How much does it cost?

Some of our events are free, others have an associated cost and are noted accordingly. When compared to the handful of other programs who try and do what we have been doing for 15 years, we believe we provide maximum competency and value. We have a significant scholarship program and no player is ever turned away for financial reasons.

Long Island Elite National Teams
Will this interfere with my PAL/Town or School football season?

The Long Island Elite National teams are formed for pre-season and post-season play. There are also camps and clinics throughout the year, and some but not all of our coaches have their teams compete in spring ball. 

What are the LIE National Teams ?

These are hands down the best players in Long Island playing the highest level of football in their age group. We have been doing this over 15 years, often taking 8 or more teams out of state to compete against the best teams in the country. There are daddy coached teams every year that try and emulate us and they are gone when their kids age out. Programs come and go that claim to do what we do better, cheaper, bigger. The Long Island Elite National Teams program is often imitated but never duplicated. LIE holds tryouts and selects the best players in all of Long Island per age group. These players are chosen to represent Long Island in various national events. The most popular of these events is the post-season national championship tournament held in December or January, and there are also 7v7s, The Liberty Challenge game in June, the LI-NJ Rumble at MetLife Stadium in August as well as other events that the teams participate in throughout the year. This is the highest level of football in Long Island.

When and where are tryouts held for LIE national teams?

Tryouts usually take place in the spring. There is one tryout date and sometimes additional tryouts are added. Locations in the past have been St Anthony’s HS, Stonybrook University, St. John the Baptist High School, Long Island University Post, Chaminade High School, Holy Trinity HS, Long Island Lutheran HS, Kellenberg High School, William Floyd, and John J. Burns Park. Check the Tryouts section of our website for the most up-to-date information.

What is the cost for tryouts?

There is a one-time tryout fee of $100 and you may attend all of them. Measure up against the best competition on Long Island, and gain exposure to high school & college coaches. Tryouts are not only a chance to make the team, but also a great opportunity to receive coaching and honest feedback.

If I make the team, when and where are practices held?

There are a few practices in June and July. The biggest event is the post-season national championship which takes place in December or January. Practice for that begins in July. There is typically 2-3 practices in the month of July, 1-2 practices in August, 1-2 practices in September, and a few practices in October and November. There is usually a 1 week break after the regular fall football season ends, and we then shoot to have at least 10-15 practices before the national championship tournament in December or January. Practices are held at at various fields on Long Island. Be prepared to travel if you make this team. While we do everything in our power to hold practice at a fair location for everyone (in some cases alternating fields) — you will have to travel to play on these teams. These are special teams, not your town team, and travel is required. Lacrosse and Soccer players travel up one end of the island and down the other, and very often out of state. The commitment level for this football program is no different.

Do winter practices get held indoors and is there an additional cost?

The National Teams practice almost exclusively outdoors. Occasionally there are indoor practices. Sometimes the indoor fees are covered by LIE, and sometimes the fee is broken up and absorbed by the players.

If I make the team how much does it cost to join?

There is a registration fee to play on the Long Island Elite National Team. It is $585 and includes:

> Major exposure and showcase opportunity for players

> Includes full premium sublimated SEC style uniform

> 30+ practices with highest caliber coaching staff

> The Liberty Challenge game in June

> Tentatively scheduled exhibition games throughout the year

> National Championship tournament in December/January

Players are responsible for providing their own shoulder pads and purchasing an LIE495 helmet. Players are responsible for covering their own travel, lodging, and meal expenses. We are always pushing for volume discounts and combined incentives for lodging, meals, and mass transit on coach buses. As our organization grows in sponsorship we will be looking for the possibility to subsidize travel and lodging for coaches and players.

There may be separate registration fees and additional costs associated with each additional event that the team participates in throughout the year. I.e. 7v7s, Spring Games, etc.

Our registration fee is a fraction of the cost of comparable programs in Lacrosse and Soccer. We believe in the value of what we deliver, if you’re indecisive about the price this program is not for you.

When are the selections made and teams decided?

Tryout results and invites are sent on a “rolling” basis throughout the year. We will let you know when tryouts are over. You will only receive notification if you made the team. If you do not make the team you may return for tryouts the following year.

What position will I be selected for, and will I play on both offense and defense?

Your head coach will decide which position you will play on the team and whether or not you play on both offense and defense. You may be selected for the position you normally play on your town team, or the coach might plug you into a different role on the national team. Some players play on one side of the ball, and others play on both, there are no guarantees. By accepting your invitation you agree to fulfill whatever responsibilities the head coach asks of you, and to the best of your ability.

Where do I register for tryouts?

Here on our website.

Is the National Team a year round commitment and if so, what exactly is the commitment?

Nearly all of our players are multi-sport athletes and we encourage that. Our intention is not to have kids banging pads all year, but to offer year-round opportunities for football increasing football skills — similar to what you see in lacrosse, basketball, etc. Soccer has ODP, PDP, and of course lax has a very long list of activities to participate in. This is that for football.

Does LIE provide equipment or do players provide their own?

Players provide their own equipment for tryouts. If they make the team they need to provide their own shoulder pads, and purchase an LIE495 helmet. 

How many family members will be able to attend the championship game? What will the cost of tickets to the event be?

Usually the games and tournaments have nominal admissions fees. Teams receive five complimentary wristbands for their coaches. All other coaches, staff, and families pay an admittance fee at the gate (usually $10 depending on the event). This fee is good for the entire event. Everyone must have a wristband for admittance.

In being on the Long Island Elite National Team, what are the other costs incurred for the camps, clinics, summer tournaments etc.

Some of the clinics are free, others have a fee associated with them. Fees will cover the cost of any permits, uniforms, etc and will be reasonable. Long Island Elite is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We are looking to keep costs down and where possible subsidize costs through sponsorship and fundraising. The costs associated with this program do not nearly compare to the costs of similar opportunities in soccer and lacrosse.

Does everyone who tries out make the team?


The popularity of our program has grown tremendously. With that we’ve seen a great deal of talent and often field more than one team in an age group if the directors feel the talent pool and attendance at tryouts is sufficient enough to do so. No. Not everyone makes the team. Players are selected by a team of coaches with broad experience from the youth through professional level. We can see over 100 players try out per age group. There is no steadfast number for final roster counts, but they are usually in the mid 20’s. Players who do not make the program are encouraged to participate in the year-round developmental program which is open to everyone.

Coach, Volunteer

How can I Coach, Volunteer, or get involved with LIE?

We are on the lookout for the best coaches. We are also always looking for volunteers to help grow the organization including team moms, managers, recruiters, trainers, nutritionists, doctors, and more. Apply here.

Join us! Bring your passion to the team.

We are an independent organization and although many of the volunteers, organizers, and coaches are involved in various outside teams and companies; LIE Football is not part of a league. Our LIE model is not new, it’s a proven model run by organizations in Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Ohio and other states who are at the top of the national championship polls every year. Each of these states has an organization like LIE which serves as a pipeline to cultivate players and raise the level of football. Here are two very successful examples of many: Connecticut 5 Star Elite and Massachussets Elite